How to play


The movie below shows how is played 3KSES | TAMITADY ...
There are in total 99 miniature paintings of well-known architectural jewels from around the world made for 3KSES.
See the theme collections below.
The Game Box Design

The 3KSES wooden box is designed not only to be a practical container,
but also to have an aesthetic appearance.
The box can be used as a decoration when not in play.
Photo above show an exclusive box from 3KSES.TOP edition

The 3KSES.DIY game version contains box from natural wood. You can use own creativity and paint-it-yourself. Any safe paint for wood or paper is usable.
See movie with example.

Our boardgames are custom made on demand.
The idea is simple, we do high quality products for reasonable price.
Whole production is done in Czechia, near Pilsen city.
In our lab and production network of manufacturers you can feel the high craftsmanship, sense the attention to detail and useful design. 

To achieve high cost efficency level we keep in stock semifished parts of our games.
Once an order come, the gameparts are finished and completed.
That is why we keep delivery times in 15 workdays.
Game Accessoires we keep available in stock, stored goods amount is mentioned by each item.

 We ship our products from Czech Republic and deliver to EU countries without additional taxes. 

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