B O H E M I A R I S  |  W.Y.L.T.L.

Based on stories from a near and far future realm
a roleplaying board game is beeing prepared.

It is me, Czech born author Tomas Grman,
who started to create a fairy tale project 5 years ago.
Before that came, I loved to travel through all possible countries around the world,
be amazed of the rinchness of nature and fascinated by architure of ancient civilisations.
I started to collect ideas for own future world vision. 
I am working in a tiny garage-like company in a small
west bohemian town Stankov.
Nature is near, plenty of woods around and river flows through the town.
Calm town is great place to have enough space for imagination,
for writing stories and create something new. Lucky me.

Now am I taking steps to share my fairy tale realm with roleplaying board game fans, 
so it means making ready a game prototype, test the game mechanics with groups of players, lead the designing of characters, buildings, items and try my best to complete it.
I met more than a dozen of good artists and skilled craftsmans of all kind
in past decade which are helping me to finish the huge project.

See soon more. 

Our boardgames are custom made on demand.
The idea is simple, we do high quality products for reasonable price.
Whole production is done in Czechia, near Pilsen city.
In our lab and production network of manufacturers you can feel the high craftsmanship, sense the attention to detail and useful design. 

To achieve high cost efficency level we keep in stock semifished parts of our games.
Once an order come, the gameparts are finished and completed.
That is why we keep delivery times in 15 workdays.
Game Accessoires we keep available in stock, stored goods amount is mentioned by each item.

 We ship our products from Czech Republic and deliver to EU countries without additional taxes. 

Please note that we can only guarantee a friendly shipping experience (no extra taxes or tariffs) for the European Union countries.
For all other countries, taxes and tariffs may be applied by your country, and you will have to pay it on your own.
Depending on your Country, if you live outside of the EU (European Union countries) , Customs taxes and/or VAT may be added. If this happens, the delivery company could add a cost to the management of Customs. Please check your country's rules and regulations. Any additional tax, cost, or additional charge due to Customs will not be our responsibility and will be paid by the customer. Please verify your country's rules and regulations.
We will not refund this extra fees. We cannot do anything about it, every country is different and may or may not ask you to pay their taxes and tariffs.
Unfortunately, we will not be able to ship to Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Cuba, North Korea, Iran and Afghanistan.